About Us

Who are we?

We are Rick & Rose Moss, locals of Savannah. When you book your tour with us, you get one of us, as your guide. We do not hire outside guides and hope you get a good tour. We believe that the best way to assure you have a great experience is for us to be your guides. Book your tour today and come Explore Savannah with us. 

North and South

You guessed it! We are polar opposites. Rose is originally from the North and Rick is born and raised in the South. Together we bring you various perspectives to living in the South. Don't be mistaken, Rose has lived in the South long enough that she qualifies to be a Southerner. 

Our Experience

We have been in hospitality tourism for over 10 years. We love living in Savannah and sharing the history, culture, stories and folklores with our guests. 

When you Explore Savannah with us, our goal is that you will also fall in love with her, and you will keep coming back year after year.