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Want Ghosts? We’ve got them! Don’t believe us, hang around Savannah a while. 

Seeing shadows, experiencing unexplainable situations, capturing images in your pictures, or perhaps something caught the corner of your eye, it could be a ghost. 

It’s all part of life in Savannah! Hang around long enough and you will have some sort of experience. Savannah is known as the most haunted city in the nation, because we are built on our dead. 

Savannah’s history dates back almost 300 years. She has survived several great fires, yellow fever epidemics, the Revolutionary War, the Civil War and Sherman’s March to the Sea. There have been hangings, suicides, duels, pirates and more that still haunt this beautiful city. 

When you join us on an Explore Savannah Ghost Tour, we can’t guarantee you will have a chilling experience. But as part of your tour, we will include our personal stories that have made us a believer in the spiritual haunts of Savannah. 

Additonal Information

  • Approximately 90-minute  walking tour
  • Tour covers approximately 1mile
  • Benches along the way for you to rest a minute
  • Limited group size
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult
  • Consider the weather and dress appropriately
  • Please wear comfortable walking shoes
  • Wheelchairs / Scooters are welcome
  • Groups of 8 or more -- additional times upon request, based on availability
  • ADVANCE RESERVATIONS REQUIRED — Please click “Book Now“ for availability.
  • Dogs are welcome on this tour
  • FAMILY FRIENDLY TOUR -- adjusted to suit all guests on tour

Tour Time: 7:00 pm -- Friday & Saturday

$25.00 Adults | $15.00 Youth (6-12 yrs)

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